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Discounts are reflected in pricing below.

Pre-orders are available with a minimum purchase of 12 cupcakes per flavor.  If you would like to purchase an assortment we have lots of flavors for sale daily in our store. 

You can find our daily menu on our Facebook or Instagram page or you can call the store any time at 707-630-5059.  We'd be happy to box up whatever you'd like and have them waiting for you upon your arrival.

UNFILLED CUPCAKES ~ $2.85 each      $13.68 a half dozen    $25.65 a full dozen

Vanilla Bean ~ made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla bean paste & topped with your choice of frosting.   

Chocolate ~ need I say more?  Topped with your choice of frosting.

Strawberry (seasonal) ~ made with fresh strawberry puree & topped with fresh strawberry buttercream. 

Carrot ~ our carrot cupcakes are super moist and delicious & topped with a cream cheese frosting & a light dusting of cinnamon & sugar.  We top it with a small pile of candied pecans.

Snickerdoodle ~ this is a cinnamon sugar cupcake that tastes just like a snickerdoodle cookie.  If you love snickerdoodle cookies you will absolutely LOVE this cupcake.  Topped with a whipped vanilla buttercream, a light dusting of cinnamon & sugar, and a tiny snickerdoodle cookie.

Red Velvet ~ a valentine favorite, a symbol of love….who doesn't love a red velvet cupcake.  Topped with our delicious cream cheese frosting & adorned with a small edible heart.

Birthday Cake ~ vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles baked throughout.  Topped with a vanilla buttercream & sprinkles of course.  

Chocolate Chip ~ this cupcake can be made with a vanilla or chocolate cake with a hefty amount of chips baked into it.  Topped with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream & sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. 

Mint Chocolate Chip ~ chocolate cake baked with 100% real mint extract & chocolate chips, topped with a mint buttercream & mini chocolate chips.

Chocolate Mint ~ a chocolate cake, topped with a mint buttercream, dusted with chocolate shavings, & adorned with an andes mint.

Coconut ~ this cake is baked with a load of  shredded coconut, topped with a coconut buttercream, & sprinkled with toasted, shredded coconut topping.

Peanut Butter Cup ~ a chocolate cake topped with a creamy peanut butter frosting & adorned with a Reeces peanut butter cup.

Cookies & Cream ~ vanilla cake with an abundant amount of Oreo cookies baked into it.  Topped with a vanilla buttercream, cookie crumbles & half an Oreo.

Pink Champagne ~ cupcake made with pink champagne baked into the batter & topped with a light & lovely pink champagne frosting, adorned with pink & white edible pearls.

German Chocolate ~ chocolate cake topped with a layer of chocolate frosting & a nice little mound of coconut pecan topping in the center.

Maple Bacon ~ this cake is baked with brown sugar, maple syrup, & of course….lots of bacon. Topped with a maple buttercream, sprinkled with natural turbinado raw cane sugar & fleur de sel sea salt.  Garnished with bacon crumbles and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Lemon Blueberry (seasonal)~ lemon cake made with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, & fresh blueberries baked into it.  It is topped with a cream cheese frosting & adorned with a fresh blueberry & lemon zest. 

Chai Spice ~ chai cupcake made with chai & baked with chai spices.  Topped with a chai spice whipped cream frosting and dusted with cinnamon & sugar.

Peaches & Cream (seasonal)~ a vanilla bean cake baked with chunks of delicious peaches topped with an italian meringue frosting.  Delicious!

Raspberry Swirl (seasonal)~ a vanilla cake swirled with fresh raspberry puree topped with a white chocolate buttercream drizzled with a raspberry sauce adorned with a fresh raspberry.

Caramel Apple ~ a spice cake baked with chunks of apples throughout the cake topped with a caramel buttercream drizzled with a caramel sauce & topped with an apple spice topping.

Pumpkin ~ a moist & fluffy pumpkin cake topped with a maple cream cheese frosting.

Gingerbread ~ a cake baked with mollasses & ginger topped with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting topped with a gingersnap cookie.

Mocha ~ a chocalate cake with a espresso infused buttercream.  Topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean. 

Nutella ~ a super moist cake with nutella baked into it & topped with a nutella buttercream, rolled in toasted chopped hazelnuts & topped with a chocolate drizzle.  

Chocolate Coconut ~ a chocolate cake topped with a coconut buttercream & dipped in shredded coconut.

Rocky Road ~ a chocolate cake with marshmallows and nuts baked into the cake.  Topped with a delicious chocolate buttercream, rolled in finely chopped pecans & walnuts, topped with a couple mini marshmallows.

Pumpkin Cheesecake ~ a pumpkin cake topped with a cream cheese frosting, rolled in graham cracker crumbles & topped with a whole graham cracker.

Cherry Limeade ~ a lime infused cake topped with a cherry buttercream, rolled in sanding sugar & topped with a cherry and a slice of lime.

Cranberry Orange ~ a vanilla base cake with fresh cranberries and orange zest baked into it.  We top it with an orange white chocolate buttercream, dried cranberries, white chocolate chips, & orange zest.

Banana Pecan ~ a banana cake with pecans baked into it, topped with caramel buttercream, rolled in chopped pecans & adorned with a dried banana chip.

Creamsicle ~ an orange cake baked with fresh squeezed orange juice & orange zest topped with an orange white chocolate buttercream.  Tastes just like an orange creamsicle popsicle!

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut ~ a vanilla based cake, with a hefty amount of white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts baked into it.  We top this with a beautiful lavender color white chocolate buttercream & adorn it with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.

The Elvis ~ a banana cake topped with peanut butter frosting, drizzled with a chocolate ganache, topped with chopped peanuts. 

FILLED CUPCAKES~ $ 2.95 each      $14.16 a half dozen    $26.55 a full dozen

Lemon Drop ~ lemon cupcake filled with fresh house made lemon curd topped with a light lemon buttercream & garnished with candy lemon wedge or a fresh piece of lemon.

Strawberry Shortcake (seasonal)~ vanilla bean cake filled with our fresh strawberry filling, topped with a whipped cream frosting & adorned with a strawberry slice.

Salted Caramel ~ chocolate cake,  filled with a house made caramel sauce, topped with a caramel buttercream, drizzled with caramel, & topped with fluer de sel sea salt.  A customer favorite!

Vanilla Raspberry (seasonal)~ vanilla bean cake filled with our fresh house made raspberry filling, topped with a raspberry buttercream & adorned with a fresh raspberry.

Chocolate Raspberry(seasonal) ~ chocolate cake filled with our fresh house made raspberry filling, topped with a chocolate buttercream & adorned with a fresh raspberry. 

Strawberry Lemonade(seasonal) ~ lemon cupcake filled with house made lemon curd, topped with a strawberry buttercream & garnished with a lemon wedge & a fresh strawberrry slice.

Raspberry Lemonade(seasonal) ~ lemon cupcake filled with house made lemon curd, topped with a raspberry buttercream & garnished with a lemon wedge & a fresh raspberry. 

Champagne & Berries (seasonal)~ champagne cupcake filled with fresh house made raspberry filling, topped with a vanilla italian meringue buttercream & adorned with a fresh raspberry.

Coconut Lime ~ a coconut cake baked with a ton of shredded coconut filled with a fresh squeezed lime curd topped with a coconut buttercream, toasted coconut, & lime zest.

Neapolitan (seasonal) ~ a strawberry cake filled with chocolate ganache & topped with a vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

Triple Chocolate ~ chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream, dipped in super mini dark chocolate chips.

Pecan Pie ~ a chocolate cake filled with a pecan pie filling, topped with a brown sugar pecan buttercream, lightly dusted with a turbinado brown sugar, & topped with two whole pecans.

Caramel Macchiato ~ a chocolate cake filled with our housemade caramel sauce, topped with a caramel espresso buttercream, drizzled with some caramel & finished off with some chopped chocolate covered espresso beans.

Key Lime Pie ~ a lime cake baked with fresh lime juice and lime zest, filled with our fresh housemade lime curd, topped with a lime buttercream, rolled in graham cracker crumbs & finished off with a piping of whipped cream.

Apple Pie ~ a cake baked with apple pie spices, filled with an apple pie filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream & finished off with a maple leaf pie crust dusted in cinnamon and sugar. 

Banana Cream Pie ~ a banana cake filled with a pastry cream filling topped with a whipped cream frosting & adorned with a banana chips.

PB & J ~ a vanilla cake filled with a grape jam topped with our creamy peanut butter frosting.  We finish this off with a dollop of grape jam and a vanilla wafer on top.

Turtle ~ a chocolate cake with a caramel filling & caramel buttercream.  We add a chocolate ganache drizzle, a caramel drizzle and then finish it off with some chopped pecans. 


We have at least 2 gluten free options & 2 vegan options available daily, sometimes many more.  Please be aware that we are not a gluten free or dairy free facility.  As we take every precaution to prevent cross-contamination.....we DO produce products that include wheat and dairy.  You can always call us at 707-630-5059 to see what is available.  Our gluten free & vegan options are $3.25 for unfilled cupcakes & $ 3.35 for filled.  Don't forget.....we offer a 20% discount for half dozens and a 25% discount for full dozens.


We can add fondant decorations to your cupcakes for an additional $1.00 per cupcake. These START at $37.65 a dozen but will vary due to complexity of design.  We require at least a 2 week notice for any custom made decorations.  Please call 707-630-5059 to discuss design ideas & prices.

MINI CUPCAKES ~$1.25 each      $30.00 for 2 dozen        GF & Vegan $1.50 each      $36.00 for 2 dozen

We offer mini cupcakes for custom orders only.  They are not available for sale in our storefront.  We require a minimum order of 2 dozen per flavor.  We are unable to fill our minis but we do offer them in an array of flavors.


We are now offering edible image printing!  Just email us over the image that you would like printed and we can add it to your cupcakes for just 60 cents per image.  A minimum order of 6 please. 

All of our cupcakes are made with organic flour & all of our fillings are homemade with quality ingredients.  Please stop by our storefront at 1041 H street, Arcata, CA for all your cupcake needs.  We have lots of flavors for sale daily.  We do not take orders for assortments.  If you would like an assortment you can come in at any time and pick from our cases.  You can also call us as soon as 11:00 am daily to find out our flavors & we can box up any thing you would like and we will have it ready for you upon arrival.   If you would like to place an order for fondant decorated cupcakes please call us at 707-630-5059.   Please try to get your orders in as early as possible as our books do tend to fill quickly.  We require at least a  2 week notice & would like to have as much advanced notice as possible for our fondant decorated cupcakes as they take a considerable amount of time to craft and they also need adequate time to dry.  If you do find yourself in a time crunch, don't fret.  We will do our best to try to accomodate your order.  Thank you so much for shopping at Mia Bella Cupcakes.